Gina Salā is available to offer one day and half-day workshops.   In addition to offering workshops locally in Seattle she has offered workshops at Omega, Sivananda Bahamas, Udaya Yoga Festival, Beloved and at Bhaktifest and most recently workshops in Rishikesh, India and Yokohama, Yaizu, Kobe and Tokyo.  Examples of workshops Gina offers include:

Gayatri Mantra Immersion

With clear transmission, open heart and clear pronunciation, Gayatri is a powerful healing mantra that for thousands of years was only made available to Brahman males.  By the grace of her gurus, most recently Vagesh Shastriji, Gina is pleased to share this mantra; its origins and related practices clear with you so you can experience the benefit of this powerful sacred sound

Voice and Vision Workshop

This annual offering is powerful as we engage our hearts, and minds and voices, hearing the highest vision for our lives and helping anchor the vision and co-create. Every year in the workshop, people are surprised by the visions they get, the intentions.   Throughout the year Gina hears wonderful stories about how they manifested.

Pleasure and Power in Speaking and Singing - Tips and Techniques from East and West

You can sing and speak with power and delight!  In this fun workshop, participants will experience greater vocal freedom and have tools to support speaking and singing with greater power, pleasure and ease. This affects every area of our lives, whether we aspire as yoga teachers, public speakers, or just want to be able to connect with each other and in our work lives with more joy, success and ease.

Bhakti Yoga - Opening to Emotion, Devotion, and Wholeness in Singing

Emotion is energy in motion. Allowing our emotions to flow easily is a way to stay healthy and connected to our center. When our emotions are not able to flow or be expressed because of fear or social constraints, often we feel tired or lack of creativity.

Mantra Practice and Pronunciation for Peace, Contentment, and the Greatest Good for All

Often we may find that our minds get busy with the tasks and issues of the day. Mantra are sacred words of power that are thousands of years old which easily help us to clear the mind, calm the body and release old patterns of fear and limitation that no longer are good for us. 

Joy of Chanting: Open Heart and Open Voice Through the Joy of Chanting

Everything is vibration. Even our patterns, which create our realities, are just vibration in form. Stronger vibrations can transform weaker, or less true ones. Mantra are sacred syllables, words of power, with origins from 5000 years ago, that have specific results to bring freedom and peace and wholeness to body, mind and emotions. 

The Two Wings of Singing: Letting the Voice Take Flight

Singing offers balance in our daily lives; integration and wholeness to our mind, body and emotions; and opens our hearts to experiencing Who we are.

Songlines and Raga Roads - Singing Ourselves Home

Take a refreshing trek along the ancient raga roads and wild yak trails of sound. Experience the power of sound tantra, to bring our energy system and body into greater illumination and wholeness. Feel time expanding in the “notes between the notes” of Indian raga singing, and feel the beauty of the diverse relationships among the notes, and therefore in the diversity of our lives. Rejuvenate and cleanse in the cave of mantra with Gina’s clear pronunciation tips and memorable stories.


"Having participated in one of her vocal workshops, I can say that Gina Salā has a professional and refreshing approach to teaching. Her workshops not only reduce stress, they are also fun!"

-Gwen McConnell, M.D. Psychiatrist


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