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Gina has been fortunate to learn from singers from around the world who, though they do not share the classical western vocal techniques, have ways of accessing subtleties of feeling and authentic resonance - a process that is unique and deeply moving. They have impressed her with what East Indians refer to as the rasa (feeling or fragrance) of their vocalizations. In her travels, Gina has been guided by  ears, my heart, and teachers, all showing  the way to embody these songs she is so grateful for.

Many things that western technique (breath, tone, and ornament) try to bring out emerge naturally when we freely allow our feelings and images to play through our voices.


Individual and Group Vocal Instruction

Singing is mysterious, in the way that the ringing of a bell is mysterious. The bell is struck, but the vibrations continue. It is the path between action and surrender. Singing is about staying open, allowing the energy and vibration to move freely. When this is happening, the resulting sound is generally in tune, supported and clear and expressive.

Or we can think of it like a flute - the substance and shape of my being influence the sound. And like a flute, we can allow in a silver hollowness, a way of letting the sound play through us. There is much we do to support this process as we explore techniques for our instrument, our body, and the other aspects of the voice (mind, heart and spirit). When I am hollow, the Flute player lovingly takes me to His lips to play the music through me. This is the juicy joy.


Opening The Singing Heart

In these gentle, fun, workshops we explore cross-cultural singing/sounding techniques (breath, tone, image, resonance, improvisation, mantra, mudra, rhythm tuning & more). We discover how our voices can bring great pleasure and peace by bringing us fully into our bodies and this moment. In this place, loving compassion arises.

School Residencies: Gina Salā and her ensemble are available for residencies from 2 hours to 2 weeks. Radio promo, visits to senior centers and other special appearances may be arranged gratis.

She has worked with children and young adults extensively, regularly teaches a course on “Freeing the Whole Voice” using multicultural techniques, and is adept at getting groups of youth or adults to overcome inhibitions and experience the joy of singing. She passionately weaves together the threads of the world’s diverse cultures with a specificity of rhythm, tonality and timbre in all of her teaching and performances that sparks appreciation for all.