“Gina Salā, the western kirtan singer who captures the sweet, silky essence of traditional Indian vocal traditions, singing with a tenderness that draws the listener deep into the heart of devotion.”  
(Yoga Journal Magazine )


Awakening Voice Power of Love Sound School

"I've  learned  tools  that  just  teach  me  how  to  fill  myself  up  with  love  so  I can  go  out  into  the  world  and  be  a  peace  pole."KN

"I  have  found  a  completely  unique  and  profound  teacher  in  Gina  Sala  and  her  teachings  and  the  way  that  she  teaches.   she  lights  up  whatever  it  is  that she’s  teaching  in  a  way  that  is  so  accessible.  ....  it’s  transformative." NB

“Being in Gina’s sound school is nourishing for my soul. The community she brings together is loving, compassionate, and up-lifting. Gina conveys her vast knowledge of deep teachings in story and in song. She reminds us how all of our voices are instruments of the divine, and she has given me confidence to be heard.” AC




River of Sound India Tour

"What  was  special  about  the  River  of  Sound  tour  was  just  the  level  of  intimacy  that  we  were  able  to  create   not  only  with  the  group,  but  with  everyone  that  we  were  encountering  along  the  way. Gina  has  this  spectacular  way  to  connect  with  people  on  every  spectrum,  from  the  way  we  would  interact  with  the  flower  girls  who  wanted  us  to  buy  for  an  offering  to  the  way  that  she  honored  all  of her  teachers,  it  was  just  an  incredible,  like,  entrance  point  to  just  open  up."  MR

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“Gina Salā, is passionate about music. She can train voices but more importantly can open people to our innate vocal capacity. Gina engages and heals with uplifting stories, humor and activity. She likes to go off road with her creative teaching. The wild and loving ride lands the recipient with song writing abilities, proper pronunciation, a happy heart and a powerful voice.”  CW

“This is my 3rd year in Yelapa. Gina is an incredible teacher. What I’ve learned from Gina is that I can sing, I can sing mantra and the meditative experience has enhanced my life greatly. I have now made it part of my daily practice.” CM



“Gina Salā possesses a rare combination of profound artistry and ability to teach. In my years of working with diverse groups of high school students, she stands out as an effective, inspiring, and compassionate mentor and coach. Anyone given the opportunity should hire her to teach her workshops!”   -- Peggy Taylor, Power of Hope, an international youth program for teens, Whidbey Island, WA

The "Open Heart, Open Voice’ workshop was my first singing workshop I ever attended. Gina is not only a gifted and masterful artist, but an equally blessed teacher. While I arrived with a heart full of joyous anticipation, my mind was full of judgement and fears about 'my voice’, ‘my performance’, Her humor, expertise, humility, and love guided me to a place where I felt safe and all the chatter of my mind dissolved. When it was my turn to open my voice, it came wholly from a place where there was nothing to accomplish - my open heart.” IE

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“Gina Salā took concert goers on a inspirational trip around the world. “So far Gina has sung in French, Spanish, Greek, Hebrew, Acadian/Cajun, Amharic, Nepali,Hindi, Sanskrit and played at least 3 instruments. What an amazing talent.” DW

“Wow! Phenomenal performance tonight! Gina Salá and band you absolutely rocked it! I so enjoyed this side of you that I have not experienced! Definitely felt like I was somewhere else, enjoying another culture all the while still planted firmly in Seattle!!” CL


Individual and Private Sessions

“I so adore my time with Gina! She arrives with depth and awareness. In an hour we covered a lot of vocal technique, but it came from a place of real connection as she listened and tracked what my voice was doing. It really amazes me that she can listen and know just how I am producing a sound and then give me guidance on how to shift that sound. She gives me an image or sensation to navigate toward and then again listens, and helps me refine. During our session I heard and felt myself producing sounds that I have not been able to find before. It's really magical!” GS-O