River of Sound™ Tour
in India
Oct. 2020


This is a very unique, 3-week trip of a lifetime that Gina has been leading regularly since 2006! Sacred sounds, sites, masters, friends!

Come be welcomed in India as sadhaks on the path of sound! Mantra, Song, walking and singing in the place of Radha Krishna Leela, Chant, Music performance/ Instruction with music masters from classical, devotional, gypsy and Qawwali traditions, Aarti Puja, Sacred Sites, (caves, temples, Ganges River, more), Rustic and Deluxe accommodations in Delhi, Varanasi (ancient city of Shiva on the Ganges) Rishikesh (Pilgrimage place, foothills of the Himalayas, ancient yoga, ayurvedic massage available), Taj Mahal, + optional Rajasthan add-on (immersing in Qawwali singing, camel safari and more).


Hawaii Chant, Drum,Nada Yoga Retreat with Gina Salā & Daniel Paul
Jan. 18-25, 2020

Gina offers daily warmups and techniques to find more pleasure and power in singing, bhakti stories and tips, sanskrit mantra and pronunciation, and raga singing and ornamentation and chant writing. 
Daniel offers daily rhythm drum circles and optional tabla lessons. All welcome for this delicious week in kirtan and rhythm, song, community and rhythm.

ABOUT DANIEL PAUL: Daniel Paul is a Fulbright Award winning tabla drummer, graduate of the Ali Akbar College of Music and a singing kirtan tabla virtuoso who for more than two decades has been the principle accompanist to Jai Uttal and many other the kirtan luminaries including Gina Salā. He teaches with a warmth and generosity that makes learning fun.


Annual Ocean of Devotion-Sound & Wellness Retreat
in Yelapa, Mexico
Mar. 7-14 &7-21, ‘20

You can attend 1 or 2 weeks. Supported by the peaceful beaches, delicious food, birds, and waterfalls, and wonderful locals in Yelapa (a lovely Mexican coastal village without cars), experience a spacious, rejuvenating week of delightful and transformative singing and sound practices to bring about joy and wellness. The benefits of this week, experiences, tools, freedom and delight we share in, will ripple out throughout your life, inspiring and blessing you and those you touch.

Prepare to be invigorated. The village is car-free and we take an open boat to it. Yoga classes are included, and plenty of wonderful hiking, swimming is available, or you can just lounge and rest in the sounds and scenery and sun and singing.