Chanting & Mantras

Filled with a love for the Divine known through many names and forms, Gina Salā leads regular participatory chanting evenings (mantra, bhakti, japa,and naada yoga) internationally. Singing is Gina Salā’s path to praising and celebrating the Oneness that is inherent in all, and her passion is Singing us into remembrance of Who we are. She began chanting at the age of 3 at the hindu ashram where she spent her early years. She has been studying Indian singing and other singing for decades as well as Sanskrit and sound tantra and is blessed to share what she has learned from her teachers.

At chanting events with Gina Salā and her musical guests, you are always welcome to come as you are, participate as you like. As Gina says, “No experience or particular belief system is needed to directly experience the bliss of chanting our hearts awake to Who we are. Who is singing when we sing?” Direct experience of our open hearts and oneness is what matters. Jai!

Come celebrate and awaken into the good vibrations of devotion! Come as you are, participate as you like- dance, lay back, meditate, celebrate and be rejuvenated in mind, body and heart! 
In sacred names, deep chants and good groove, the mind rests in the heart like the bee in the flower!

Hari Om...


"Chanting with Gina is like finding yourself in the lap of the divine. Singing together like this is like creating strands of love and hope that hold us together. These strands become the strength and longing for creating a world that is more embracing and peaceful."

-K.W., Seattle


Mondays Harmonium Class and Chant/Mantra classes in Seattle Gina:


Mondays - 6:15 harmonium classes, 7:30 Rocking the Bhakti chanting, mantra and kirtan class. See the events page for more info.