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Inspiration, Integration, Rejuvenation.

September 24-October 14, 2012  (and again in 2013)
Welcome on this Unique, Transformative, Awakening and Blissful, Trip of a Lifetime!



Come experience Mother India, not as tourists, but as welcome guests on the path of awakening through sound and beauty!

Chant, mantra, kirtan, meditation, dance, delicious, healthy food, cross-cultural connections, beautiful temples, Gayathri ancient cave, Ma Ganga.

Included are music performances and instruction with some of India's finest music masters from classical, devotional, gypsy and Qawalli traditions, Aarti Puja, Sacred Sites, (caves, temples, Ganges River, more), Delhi, Varanasi (ancient city of Shiva on the Ganges) Rishikesh (Pilgrimage place, foothills of the Himalayas, ancient yoga, ayurvedic massage available). Taj Mahal is optional- as folks often say, although its a wonder of the world- its less impressive than the beautiful connections and sacred times we share with the masterful living beings and spaces we encounter.

Call or email for more information on this amazing, unique opportunity to experience India through the powerful sound vibrations within you and via music and sound masters. If India calls you, what a great blessing to come!

Everything is possible, special arrangements also!


For more info: or (206) 412-3745


Gina's “River Of Sound™” Tour Of India Slideshow
Rajasthani camel drivers- really dear hearts!
Ganesha Garland Ma snake charmer
Holika Fire camel drivers Gina's camel
harmonium guy Holy man river boys
stone carving river Shiva Blissful friend




"Gina passionately, and compassionately, guided us deep into the heart of India and it's people. It would have been impossible to explore and experience India as deeply as we did without her. India is extraordinary and begs for an extraordinary guide like Gina. Thank you India and thank you Gina!" - S. Sorensen, Portland OR

"The River Of Sound™ tour with Gina Sala is an incredibly rich and wonderful experience. It was my first time travelling to India, and I can't imagine a better way to get introduced to the country, the people, the culture, the traditions, and of course the music of India. Gina has extensive knowledge of the cultural, historical and spiritual dimensions of India, as well as established connections with master musicians, teachers, hotel managers, and the owner of that small tailor shop whose owner we all fell in love with. This tour allowed me to experience India with a wide open heart, as I felt confident in Gina's expert guidance and heartfelt leadership. I am a seasoned traveler, and I normally don't do any group travel, but I can highly recommend this one because it enabled me to have experiences I could never have had on my own, and there was a good balance of freedom and choice within the well-done itinerary." – Jens Wazel, Seattle, WA

"Our trip was an amazing trip and Gina did an incredible job of pulling it all together. [She] guided us to places and situations we would not have otherwise experienced. Before I went I never would have gone to India alone. After having gone I feel that if I go back. Now I could do it alone or with just one other person. - KY, Seattle, WA

Gina is a very compassionate leader and makes things easier in India without hiding the real nature of the place...I would never have gone alone the first time...but I didn't want a sanitized version of India for tourists. Not only did we get to be in the presence of her amazing teachers, we fell into the stream of many personal teachings amongst the river of people, sound and spirits!- KC Dietz, Seattle, WA

Gina Salá’s River of Sound tours to India are an incomparable educational and spiritual experience, blending sacred sound practices  and a deeply spiritual culture in a powerful and fun way that is  uniquely Gina’s. This is not a typical tourist trip, it is a family's
eye view of Indian life. I was introduced to Gina’s venerated  teachers, master musicians from generations of maestros, in some of  the holiest cities in India. I visited sacred sites and learned  rituals and customs that have been practiced continuously for  thousands of years from Gina, who has a deep, respectful, long term  relationship with both her teachers and the culture. Because of this, I feel comfortable traveling around India on my own, confident that I
have the awareness and sensitivity to immediately connect on an  authentic level with the diverse Indian people and not make any  cultural faux pas. I cannot imagine navigating the mind blowingexperience that is India without such a sensitive and aware guide.
Devi Bhaktananda, Seattle/India

"I have been to India five times and the River of Sound™ tour with Gina Salá was the best by far. More than a dozen of us quickly became a family and were enchanted and moved by directly experiencing traditions millenia old. We sang with masters, rode camels, and drank chai by the holy Ganga. This trip is a great opportunity to chant and sing and listen to the wisdom traditions of India!" - E.Tingstad- Seattle, WA


Om shanti shanti shanti Om!
Peace and blessings to all Beings!
Jai Ma!

Because the One I love lives inside of You . . . © Gina Salá, 2001 All rights reserved.