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Gina in gold dressGina Salá offers a diverse selection of music tailored to your event, as well as team building exercises, voice coaching and stress reduction workshops using voice and breath.

“I’m a professional facilitator and instructor so keeping people’s attention and interest is critical to my success. Gina has helped me bring more life and fun into my voice; and it’s showing in the feedback I am receiving from course and session participants.”
--Helena Schoetzow, Corporate Leadership Facilitator

Celebrating Diversity: WORLD OF PLEASURE

1. The Gina Salá Ensemble
Fronted and directed by Gina Salá- this ensemble of 4-5 versatile, masterful musicians plus Gina Salá offer an eclectic, pleasing array of Jazz, latin feel, and graceful world music selections. Also available are more “Cirque” type- orchestrations and songs in fancy, old-world charm attire.

Musical “Special Options”:
* Jazz keyboardist also turns into roving, romantic accordionist!
*World-Class Cirque du Soleil singer Gina Salá – can make up songs on the spot to tickle the fancy of your group if desired.
*Gina Salá is adept at getting groups to sing
*Original compositions tailored to humor your group- with original lyrics also possible!

Gina with drumB. Workshops/Group Facilitation:
Having participated in one of her vocal workshops, I can say that Gina Salá has a professional and refreshing approach to teaching. Her workshops not only reduce stress, they are also fun!" --Gwen McConnell, M.D. Psychiatrist
Sample workshop offered:

Sound Body and Mind: An experiential hour of discovering how you can relieve stress and be rejuvenated using music, your voice and your breath.

Have you ever waited with “bated breath”? Have you ever sung to soothe a baby? Have you suddenly felt a strong emotional connection when you heard a particular song, or when someone sang at a wedding? Have you ever felt tense and worried, and then breathed a “sigh of relief”? Have you ever exclaimed joyfully at a rodeo or sporting event or cried out in frustration when you stubbed your toe? Have you ever felt energized by rhythmic music at an athletic club, or soothed by relaxing music at a romantic restaurant or spa?

We instinctively release tension with our breath and voices. In this fun, highly informative and experiential workshop, we will explore tools to enhance the depth and efficiency of our breath as a way to relieve stress. Citing medical research and enjoying simple exercises in breath (including a t’ai chi exercise), simple vocalizing, and listening sessions, we will discover how sound and music effect us physiologically, emotionally, and mentally. We will gain simple tools to relieve stress, enhance creativity and mind/body wellness, and expand our sense of spaciousness in the midst of busy schedules, using our breath, voices and music.

What others say about Gina Salá’s Teaching and Facilitating:

“The multi-talented Gina Salá and her international musical entourage provided the perfect ambience for the west coast premiere of the Donna Karan winter line fashion show. Working with such high end clients of Nordstrom’s and Donna Karan I can always rely on Gina’s international palate and good taste to provide splendid entertainment and ambience.”- Terry Morgan, Modern Enterprises

Gina Salá was selected from a long list of talented singers as she demonstrated extraordinary vocal range with an exotic range that transports audiences straight into their hearts. Her unique ability to express different moods and replicate ethnic styles is astounding. Gina has an aura about her that is incredibly uplifting and contagious. In my 10 years of working with Cirque du Soleil I have been associated with may talented artists and performers. Gina Salá stands out among these and I whole heartedly offer her my support. – Rob Bollinger, Artistic Director, Cirque du Soleil’s “O”“Gina Salá’s beautiful voice not only sings, she writes and expresses words so evocative, so dreamy…they hit their mark in the heart.” --Lanton, France, August 1997“Gina Salá is an innovative leader in the field of music, voice and wellness”
-Don Campbell, author of “The Mozart Effect”, the “Roar of Silence” and 12 other books on sound

"Gina Salá is a gifted singer and presenter with many years of experience working in health care and hospital settings. I have experienced Gina's work at numerous conferences and workshops and have found her voice and instruction regarding breath and sounding to be a powerful resource for relaxation, creativity, and stress reduction. The sense of peace and wellbeing that Gina's work induces is truly healing for mind. body, and spirit." -- Rick Ingrasci, M.D., M.P.H. Co-author of "Chop Wood, Carry Water: How to Find Spiritual Fulfillment in Daily Life"

"Having participated in one of her vocal workshops, I can say that Gina Salá has a professional and refreshing approach to teaching. Her workshops not only reduce stress, they are also fun!"
--Gwen McConnell, M.D. Psychiatrist

“Within 30 minutes in the EMP Demo Lab, Gina Salá had transformed a diverse group of somewhat skeptical museum visitors into a band of unified, jamming musicians. With her unflagging enthusiasm, humor, and musical charm, she was able to get people singing who normally wouldn't be caught dead opening their mouths in public. They hung around afterwards, and left reluctantly. And these people had been strangers 30 minutes prior! I think it was the highlight of their museum experience.”--Cyd Smith, Education and Editorial Manager for Sound Lab, Experience Music Project, Seattle, WA

“Gina Salá’s manner of working with students inspires the most shy and self-conscious to set aside their concerns and enjoy the sound of their own voice. And fully self-expressed through voice after her workshop, I feel positively unstoppable!”
--Deborah Drake; Co-founder, Dalia Productions LLC deborahdrake

”We have been extremely pleased to work with Gina Salá on a number of musical projects over the past few years. She has amazed us with her ability to get large groups of people singing and interacting. One such event was the annual conference of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) where she shared the stage with Deepak Chopra and Julia Butterfly and led about 1000 people singing without any musical backup and had everyone singing four part harmony and really enjoying themselves. Whether it is large conference audiences or smaller more intimate gatherings, Gina emanates an enthusiasm that is contagious. Her ability to sing in 17 languages and her professionalism and dedication make her a great asset to any event or gathering.”
--Dudley Evenson, Soundings of the Planet Owner/Founder

Om shanti shanti shanti Om!
Peace and blessings to all Beings!
Jai Ma!

Because the One I love lives inside of You . . . © Gina Salá, 2001 All rights reserved.